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To provide best-in-class data-driven management services and industrial digital solutions to renewable assets owners, based on innovations in the intersection between industrial expertise and technological capabilities.


Our company is part-owned by employees who are dedicated to their work and passionate about changing things for the better – for us, our clients, and those around us.


We act with entrepreneurial drive on behalf of our clients to contribute to global climate neutrality.

The structure

Maridalsveien 91

0461 oslo

Gamlevegen 17

3922 Porsgrunn

Grandavegen 5

6823 Sandane

Storgata 11

2000 Lillestrøm

Langmyra 11b

3185 Skoppum

Captiva Portal


Live visual overview of production, wind speed, hydrology, solar radiation, operational status, weather, market prices and revenues.


Analysis of production vs wind speed, solar radiation and hydrology combined with quantitative models (algorithms), KPIs and benchmarking.


Allows direct interaction between plant operators, companies and stakeholders, as well as assets owners and landowners, while also providing users with access to relevant news.


Facilitating cooperation between industry colleagues, streamlining the exchange of information, news, data sets and data models.

Explore the Portal at portal.captiva.no


Real-time data

Decision-making improvements through deep insight for power plant managers, by visualizing and analyzing real-time data, using machine learning techniques.

Problem detection

Programmed algorithms detect faults and issues (e.g. by running analysis on actual vs theoretical production, turbine efficiency, etc.).

Machine learning

Machine learning techniques with anomaly detection to increase optimization of asset performance and knowledge of technical condition.

Captiva’s AI team

Captiva’s team of highly competent specialists (Ph.D./MSc/MBA) performs ML configuration, training, data modeling, data science, and big data analysis to ensure the realization of all users’ digital potential.

See tyde.tech for more info.

Contact Captiva

Thomas Bjørnerud, CCO

tb@captiva.no | +47 901 08 841