Captiva offers a wide range of solutions

Superior insight with Tyde and
Captiva Portal

Captiva offers a wide range of solutions

Superior insight
with Tyde and
Captiva Portal

Captiva Portal




Monitoring & Management


Captiva Portal


Live visual overview of production, wind speed, hydrology, solar radiation, operational status, weather, market prices and revenues.


Analysis of production vs wind speed, solar radiation and hydrology combined with quantitative models (algorithms), KPIs and benchmarking.


Allows direct interaction between plant operators, companies and stakeholders, as well as assets owners and landowners, while also providing users with access to relevant news.


Facilitating cooperation between industry colleagues, streamlining the exchange of information, news, data sets and data models.

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Real-time data

Decision-making improvements through deep insight for power plant managers, by visualizing and analyzing real-time data, using machine learning techniques.

Problem detection

Programmed algorithms detect faults and issues (e.g. by running analysis on actual vs theoretical production, turbine efficiency, etc.).

Machine learning

Machine learning techniques with anomaly detection to increase optimization of asset performance and knowledge of technical condition.

Captiva’s AI team

Captiva’s team of highly competent specialists (Ph.D./MSc/MBA) performs ML configuration, training, data modeling, data science, and big data analysis to ensure the realization of all users’ digital potential.

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Condition and Performance Monitoring

24/7 live analysis

We make use of all our technology (e.g. the reporting tool the Captiva Portal and the analytic tool Tyde) to perform live and 24/7 analysis on real-time data from the client’s wind, hydro and solar plants to evaluate performance and technical condition.

As a client

All clients are alerted any time a sign of material defect, change in technical condition, or significant deviation from optimal performance is detected. In addition, clients receive a monthly report summing up all analyses performed with results.

Expert monitoring

Captiva’s 1st line of domain experts monitors the performance daily and makes use of a 2nd expert panel on specific topics (e.g. physics, hydrology, generators, turbine/runner performance).

Comparing data

Captiva’s experts do not only rely on client-specific data combined with their domain expertise, but compare the performance and technical condition of hundreds of power plants.

Risk Management

Management and analysis

We perform risk management and portfolio/asset analysis of production and revenues for risk mitigation and revenue optimization. We also provide revenue management (PPA analysis & reporting, hedging advice, etc.).

Hedging strategies

We use our stochastic risk analysis tool to calculate the distribution of production and prices at plant and portfolio levels to advise on hedging strategies.

Data based

Based on actual production and achieved prices, all gross and net positions are calculated on an ongoing basis to help the clients to evaluate and balance their positions according to their hedging policy.


All results from the analysis are presented and updated on demand in the Captiva Portal.